The power of innovation and protection

With its far-reaching innovation and own development activities, Coplan Europe has grown to become the benchmark for car protection during maintenance or repairs. Our re-usable seat cover is and remains ‘the original’ with 100% nylon and reinforced seams. With similar endeavours for perfection we developed steering wheel covers, wing covers and full car bras, also made of 100% nylon. Private branding is also an option for orders from 25.

Coplan Europe is the passion of founder and business manager Rudi Debondt. His experience and expertise in the automotive sector enabled the design and production of the perfect seat cover. He particularly devoted attention to sustainable (re)use, a zero risk of tears – also with heavy loads – and universal sizing. Throughout the years he perfected his 100% nylon protection products to ensure absolute protection.

From disposable to re-usable

The protection products from Coplan Europe have enjoyed substantial growth in recent years. More and more garage owners are switching from polluting and lower quality disposable products to re-usable protective resources. They are also increasingly seeing the importance of high quality protection. After a visit to his garage the car owner does not tolerate the slightest damage to his vehicle, and rightly so.

Crisscrossing the whole of Europe…

Rudi Debondt still personally travels across the whole of Europe to convince the automotive sector and garage owners of the benefits of his re-usable protection products. Do you want know if Coplan Europe lives up to its promises? Order your trial pack here.