Our universal car bras protect the whole front and side of your car

A car bra, also called a front-end bra, protects the whole front and side of a car during maintenance or repairs. Coplan Europe developed an innovative car bra in 100% nylon that fits on practically any car. Our only model of car bra fits simply on more than 90% of all car models.*

Why a car bra from Coplan Europe?

Just like our other protection products, our car bras are made of high quality 100% nylon with reinforced seams we developed ourselves.

All vulnerable parts are protected

Thanks to the unique design our car bra protects all vulnerable parts of a car during servicing or an inspection: the grille, the headlights, the bumper and both mudguards (left and right).

Always access to wheels

Even with the car bra you always have access to the tyres, suspension, brakes, etc.

Testing lights without overheating

The special nylon mesh protection allows the headlights to be tested without any risk of overheating.

Engine testing without overheating

The grille is also provided with a nylon mesh recess so the engine can be tested without any risk of overheating.

In a handy storage bag

We supply our car bras in a handy storage bag.

*Our car bra is not available in the UK.

Your logo on your own car bras?

We apply your logo or message in full colour to your own car bras with orders from 25.

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