Seat covers in 100% nylon

Can be re-used up to 1,000 times and never tears

Car dealers or garage owners who want the best for their customers use a seat cover to eliminate the risk of damage to the seat during maintenance or repairs. Smart garage owners who want to make savings and bear the environment in mind work with the re-usable 100% nylon seat covers from Coplan Europe.

Why always use a seat cover?

Avoid dissatisfied customers and damage claims

Car owners – rightly – expect that their vehicle will be returned to them in tip-top condition after maintenance or repairs. Damaged or dirty seats are unacceptable. Besides a dissatisfied customer, this unavoidably leads to costly damage claims.

Obligation according to quality certificate

Increasing numbers of garage owners automatically use a seat cover for all maintenance and repairs. They then exclude any damage to the valuable car seats. The use of seat covers is often compulsory for acquiring a quality certificate.

Why work with a re-usable seat cover?

Reduce the waste mountain and transport cost

Many garage owners work with plastic disposable seat covers. First of all these generates an enormous amount of waste, then there are the associated recycling costs. This also increases transport costs. One roll of 300 disposable covers easily weighs 15 kilograms.

Risk of tearing

Disposable covers offer insufficient protection. The covers are usually made of wafer-thin plastic so too easily tear.

75% more expensive than re-usable seat covers

In the longer term disposable covers turn out to be much more expensive than our re-usable seat covers, as a simple calculation demonstrates:

  • A disposable cover easily costs 0.10 euro each. For 1,000 services you therefore pay 1,000 x 0.10 euros = 100 euros.
  • You already have one re-usable seat cover for 1,000 services from 25 euros.
  • So with 1,000 services you save no less than 75%.

Why work with a 100% nylon seat cover from Coplan Europe?

Coplan Europe is the original developer of the very first 100% nylon seat cover. Over past decades we have perfected our seat cover with all sorts of new features and innovations. As a result we have grown to become the benchmark for the European market.

High quality nylon reinforced seams: never tears

Our innovative protective covers consist of 100% top quality nylon with reinforced seams that we developed ourselves. The nylon never tears, even when subjected to heavy loads when the mechanic takes his place in the car seat. The seams are extremely strong – the material stretches smoothly with the load it is subjected to.

Repels water, dirt, oil and grease

Our seat covers are treated to repel water, dirt, oil and grease. The covers never give their colour off to the seats. Our covers suffice with regard to international automotive standards relating to fire-resistance (British Standard and USA F ed 302).

Simple to wash: can be re-used up to more than 1,000 times

Our covers are simple to wash so they can be re-used up to more than 1,000 times.

Fits on any car seat

The unique design means our seat cover fits simply on any car seat. For extra comfort we have developed the XL seat cover for larger models including from BMW, Rolls Royce, Volvo, Mercedes, etc.

Available in different colours

We can even offer eleven standard colour combinations thanks to the use of the different material and seam colours. These are directly available from stock. Any colour combination can be supplied with larger volume orders.

Now also the XL seat covers

We developed the XL seat cover to guarantee extra comfort with larger car seats. We will be pleased to offer individual advice on which seat covers are most suitable for a particular car make and model.

Seat covers with your logo?

Our seat covers can be fully personalised with your logo – perfect as an incentive or just for that extra look. Logo printing in full colour is an option from orders from 25 covers.

See some achievements here for inspiration.

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